Early Work

early work
Welcome to the Early Work page. Just click onto the images below to enlarge them. All commissions are welcome.

Please note that these are artworks I produced when I was sixteen years old and I thought it would be of interest to see over the years how my style has developed.

kenny roberts

‘Kenny Roberts – Moto GP World Champion 1980’

Pencil sketch for my GCE O Level


‘Southampton Football Club 1980-1981’

Pencil sketch for myself.

I have always been a keen follower of Southampton Football Club and I went to every home game that season bar one due to going down with flu. There was an array of talent there at the time: Dave Watson, Chris Nichol, Kevin Keegan, Mick Channon, Phil Boyer, Nick Holmes, Steve Moran and Charlie George all pictured. Also were Peter Wells, Alan Ball, Steve Williams, Ivan Golac, Mick McCartney plus many others. Some of the players I managed to finish and get signed. Others signed only as I hadn’t started their sketch. I spent much time talking to the players as they admired their portrait having been drawn by a sixteen year old boy. The only person I could not get to sign was Mick Channon who was always running late due to seeing how the ‘geegees’ were getting on!