Still Life and other work

still life

tiger cowrie shell

‘Tiger Cowrie seashell’

(Cypraea pantherina x tigris)
Watercolour on Board
6.5×9.5ins (140x240mm) £165

red helmet seashell

‘Red Helmet seashell’

(cypraecassis rufa)
Watercolour on Board
7.5x 9.5ins (175x240mm) £195

pineapple cross section

‘Pineapple Cross – Section’

Watercolour on Board
12×8.5ins (300x215mm) £215

english roses

‘English Roses’

for porcelain Watercolour
12×8.5ins (300x215mm)
For Heraldic Pottery based in Stoke on Trent for use in their porcelain promotion collection in 2002



Watercolour on Board
12×8.5ins (300x215mm)
Not For Sale

pedigree chum

‘Pedigree Chum Advertisement’

Watercolour on Board
12×8.5ins (300x215mm)
Not For Sale

the rising sun

‘The Rising Sun’

Pub Sign
Enamel on Metal
38x36ins (965x915mm)
Commissioned for £750 2 sides!

the exchange

‘The Exchange’

Pub Sign
Coloured and Graphite Pencil
11.5x11ins (295x280mm)
Unfinished Flat Colour Design

These were to be a series as the Landlord of the time, Steve Sankey, owned both of these Public Houses in Winchester, but he sadly passed away. These pubs have since changed hands now with the Rising Sun sign having been replaced and the Exchange sign never being followed through; such a shame as the designs are unique.

(this shows actors David Keith on the left, John Travolta in the centre and Sylvester Stalone on the right. The Exchange is near the Screen Cinema in Winchester which was the idea behind the sign.)

restful little girl

‘Restful Little Girl’

Pencil Drawing
6x12ins (145x300mm)
Commissioned for a private buyer. SOLD for £120

black boy

‘Black Boy pub flyer’

Cartoon – Pen & Ink
8x6ins (210x148mm)
Commissioned by the owner
of the Black Boy pub.
SOLDfor £40

black boy

‘Black Boy pub flyer original’

Cartoon – Pen & Ink
3x13ins (75x334mm)
This is the first cartoon I ever attempted and it was a challenge. The Chimney Sweep,
the Black Boy himself, has worked up a thirst and is demolishing that pint!
To add a little humour to the scene the one person not getting served is Prince Charles!


‘Common Buzzard Feather Study’

Watercolour on Board
4×11.5ins (100x290mm)